Faculty and Staff

Research scientists focused on teaching.

Our chemistry professors are intensely involved in every facet of education, from the classroom and laboratory to individual research and advising.

The chemistry faculty at Valparaiso University includes experts in each major discipline of chemistry:

  • Analytical chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Inorganic chemistry
  • Organic chemistry
  • Physical chemistry

All teaching faculty members conduct research, and they use those projects as opportunities to mentor students in the lab. In addition, Gilbert Cook serves as Senior Research Professor and conducts full-time research. Each faculty member holds a doctorate degree from a well-recognized university.


ROBERT W. CLARK, PH.D.Associate Professor of Chemistry
CHRISTINA DAVIS, PH.D.Visiting Professor
THOMAS E. GOYNE, PH.D.Associate Professor of Chemistry
JENNIFER HOLT, PH.D.Associate Professor of Chemistry
CHRISTOPHER R. ICEMAN, PH.D.Associate Professor of Chemistry
KEVIN L. JANTZI, PH.D. Chair, Associate Professor of Chemistry
JULIE PELLER, PH.D.Professor of Chemistry
JEFFREY PRUET, PH.D.Assistant Professor of Chemistry
PAUL SMITH, PH.D.Assistant Professor of Chemistry
KIM DEMOROTSKIAdministrative Assistant

At Valpo, I received one-on-one attention in the chemistry department. I try to do the same thing now in my own chemistry classroom. I tell my students there are a number of advantages to attending a smaller school.

Zach Matson ’00