Jeffrey Pruet, Ph.D.


Jeffrey Pruet (he/him) Associate Professor of Chemistry 219.464.6564 Center for the Sciences 206


Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry – University of Texas (2012)
B.S. – Louisiana State University (2006)

Research Interests

My research is aimed at developing small-molecule therapeutics. Deazaguanines and Pterins are classes of heterocycles which have a broad range of applicability in the medicinal field. Exploring new reactions which allow for rapid diversification of these heterocycles would thus lead to large libraries of potentially therapeutic agents. One such application would be selective inhibition of fungal methionine synthase, paving the way for new anti-fungal drugs.


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  • “Sulfur incorporation generally improves Ricin inhibition in pterin- appended glycine-phenylalanine dipeptide mimics” P.A.Wiget; L.A. Manzano; J.M. Pruet; G. Gao; R. Saito; A.F. Monzingo; J.R. Jasheway; J.D. Robertus; E.V. Anslyn Bioorg. Med. Chem Lett. 2013, 23, 6799–6804
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  • American Chemical Society
  • Indiana Academy of Sciences


  • Indiana Space Grant Consortium. “Identifying Novel Compounds to Combat Microbial Infections Related to Space Travel”. $19,733. Co-PI
  • Indiana Academy of Sciences Senior Research Grant. “Methionine Synthase Applications in Antibiotic and Antifungal Treatments”. $3,000. PI
  • Indiana Space Grant Consortium. “Identifying & Developing Novel Compounds for Combating ISS Superbugs”. $28,700. Co-PI
  • Wheat Ridge Ministries grant. “Identifying and Developing Novel Compounds to Combat Infection and Cancer”. $10,000. Co-PI
  • Indiana Academy of Sciences Senior Research Grant. “Design and Synthesis of Selective Inhibitors of Fungal Methionine Synthase”. $3,000. PI