Christina M. Davis, Ph.D.


Christina M. Davis (she/her) Visiting Professor of Chemistry 219.464.5374 Center for the Sciences 202


Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry – University of Texas (2014)
B.S. –  College of William and Mary (2010)

Research Interests


  • Davis, Christina M., et al. “Ion-regulated allosteric binding of fullerenes (C60 and C70) by tetrathiafulvalene-calix [4] pyrroles.” Journal of the American Chemical Society 136.29 (2014): 10410-10417.
  • Davis, Christina M., et al. “Photoinduced electron transfer from a tetrathiafulvalene-calix [4] pyrrole to a porphyrin carboxylate within a supramolecular ensemble.” The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118.25 (2014): 13503-13513.
  • Davis, Christina M., Elizabeth S. Childress, and Elizabeth J. Harbron. “Ensemble and single-particle fluorescence photomodulation in diarylethene-doped conjugated polymer nanoparticles.” The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 115.39 (2011): 19065-19073.


  • American Chemical Society