Jennifer Holt, Ph.D.

Jennifer Holt

Jennifer Holt (she/her) Associate Professor of Chemistry 219.548.7757 Center for the Sciences 204


Post-Doc – Trinity University, San Antonio
Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry – University of Michigan (2002)
B.S. – Miami University, Ohio (1996)

Research Interests

Using spectroscopic techniques to study the kinetics, thermodynamics, and interactions involved in host-guest materials and using computational methods to better model these complexes to understand the fundamentals of complex formation.


Journal Articles:
  • Holt, J.S., Lewandoski, C., Sheldon, C., “Spectroscopic characterization of Brooker’s merocyanine in Silicalite-1 and ZSM-5 leading to second harmonic generation” Journal of Inclusion Phenomena and Macrocyclic Chemistry, (2010) DOI 10.1007/s10847-009-9733-4.
  • Holt, J.S., “Structural characterization of the Brooker’s merocyanine/β-cyclodextrin complex using NMR spectroscopy and molecular modeling”, Journal of Molecular Structure, 965 (1-3): 31-38 (2010).
  • Holt, J.S., Campitella, A., Rich, A., Young, J.L., “Spectroscopic characterization of the binding and isomerization cycle of Brooker’s merocyanine with α-, β-, and γ-cyclodextrins”, Journal of Inclusion Phenomena and Macrocyclic Chemistry, 61 (3-4): 251-258 (2008).
  • Fathe, K., Holt, J.S., Oxley, S.P., Pursell, C.J., “Infrared spectroscopy of solid hydrogen sulfide and deuterium sulfide”, Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 110 (37): 10793-10798 (2006)
  • Holt, J.S., Sadoskas, D., Pursell, C.J., “Infrared spectroscopy of the solid phases of ammonia”, Journal of Chemical Physics, 120 (15): 7153-7157 (2004).
  • Holt, J.S., Grabow, R., Pursell, C.J., “A study of hydrogen bonding using liquid-vapor equilibria”, The Chemical Educator, 8 (5): 327-329 (2003).
  • Weng, X., Clarke, S.J., Ye., W., Kumar, S., Goldman, R.S., Daniel, A., Clarke, R., Holt, J., Sipowska, J., Francis, A., Rotberg, V., “Evolution of microstructure and optical properties of ion-beam synthesized GaAsN”, Journal of Applied Physics, 92 (7): 4012-4018 (2002).
  • Holt, J.S., Francis, A.H., Coradin, T., Clement, R., “Intercalate aggregation and NLO properties of intercalated lamellar chalcogenophosphate lattices” Material Research Society Proc., 548: 91-97 (1999).
  • Cybulski, S.M., Holt, J.S., “Ab Initio potential energy surfaces for He-Cl2, Ne-Cl2 and Ar-Cl2” Journal of Chemical Physics 110 (16): 7745-7755 (1999).
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  • American Chemical Society – Physical and Chem Ed Divs.
  • Indiana Academy of Science
  • Midwestern Association of Chemistry Teachers in Liberal Arts Colleges (MACTLAC)


  • Indiana Space Grant Consortium, “Computational Materials Chemistry and Physics Research and Instruction 2014-2015, $8,763
  • American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund Summer Research Fellowship, Study of Arene-Arene Interactions in Lewis Acid Complexes. B. Gung (PI) and J.S. Holt (co-PI) $8,000 (May-Aug. 2005).