Communication and Visual Arts

Express Yourself

The Communication and Visual Arts (CVA) department educates students in one of the most integral aspects of human behavior—the development and expression of ideas through various modalities. The department offers three degree paths including art, communication, and digital media arts, with opportunities for students to customize their concentrations.



As an Art major, students learn the foundations of art practice and theory through a series of hands-on studio courses and the study of contemporary and historical artists, designers, and works. Studio courses include drawing, painting, photography, design, video arts, and much more. The program guides students through the process of developing a cohesive body of work that is then presented and critiqued by student peers and faculty.


A degree in Communication leads to the mastery of effective verbal, written, and visual communication found valuable in various careers including public relations, journalism, marketing, advertising, sales, and business, among others. Students develop the tools needed to apply communication concepts and theories, create messages for diverse audiences, and critically analyze media messages.


The Digital Media Arts degree focuses on visual communication and creative thinking and helps students learn to apply those skills across a variety of computer-assisted media. The program also exposes students to professional-level software used for graphic design, photography, video editing, and related fields.

While I was doing my communication internship…I got to fully experiment with interviewing incredible people and using technology to encapsulate their stories.

Liz Palmer