CVA students are encouraged to skillfully and ethically explore their ideas through creative thinking and problem-solving in a supportive environment surrounded by dedicated mentors and collaborators.

Whether the preferred medium is writing, speaking, drawing, painting, design, photography, or cinema, students will find a home for their passion and creativity to flourish in our interdisciplinary program. By emphasizing both individual expression and creative collaboration, students learn to deliver exceptional content for a diverse audience.

While examining aspects of culture, persuasion, art, and media, to name a few, students will put theory into practice by serving our community through applied projects and hands-on internships. Cultural resources on campus—such as the outstanding collection of American art in Valparaiso University’s Brauer Museum of Art—and in nearby Chicago are integral to the curricula. Majors may lead to a variety of careers or graduate study in fields such as journalism, public relations, broadcasting, branding, marketing, advertising, entertainment, museum curation, gallery sales, art education, and much more.


The CVA faculty includes both academic experts with advanced degrees in art and communication and practicing artists and professionals who work day-to-day in this evolving field. Together, these professors prepare students who excel in the academic study of communication and visual arts in the practical skills needed for a career.


Valpo alumni work in some of the most prestigious communication and art organizations in the U.S. They are producers at ESPN, meteorologists at Good Morning America and other networks nationwide. The CVA faculty stay in close contact with many alumni and draw on their expertise and their willingness to help the next generation of Valpo communicators and artists.

I feel everyone in the department sees
that what you’re doing is important.

Jennifer Easthope