Charlie Anderson


Charlie Anderson (he/him) Associate Professor SCH 10


M.F.A. in Film – Boston University

B.S. in English – Ball State University


Charlie Anderson teaches cinema production and screenwriting courses with an emphasis on storytelling. His award-winning films have screened at festivals throughout the United States, and he has various credits as an actor, photographer, makeup effects artist, and sound mixer. Prior to joining the faculty at Valparaiso University, Charlie taught film at Boston University, Denison University, and Webster University.    

Based on his experiences, Professor Anderson has developed a series of cinema production courses for aspiring filmmakers. His Screenwriting and Cinema Production classes are open to all students regardless of skill level. He recommends taking both of these courses before enrolling in Advanced Cinema Production. Advanced Cinema Production is repeatable as an independent study for filmmakers who wish to make festival-worthy short films of professional quality. Lighting the Story is a class Charlie designed to complement a variety of art, photography, and digital media courses by enhancing students’ familiarity with the tools required to complete professional location lighting projects.

You can learn more about Charlie by viewing his IMDb page.