Digital Media Arts

Valpo’s digital media courses focus on visual communication and creative thinking and help students learn to apply those skills across a variety of computer-assisted media. The program also exposes students to professional-level software used for graphic design, photography, animation, video editing, and related fields.

The degree program culminates in the senior thesis, an intense, project-driven learning experience. Students design and present their project proposals in the fall and execute the projects throughout the spring semester with supervision from the art faculty. The final works are exhibited at the end of the semester.

The degree prepares students for work in graphic design and other visual communications fields and can also qualify them for further study at the graduate level. All students are required to complete a relevant internship to their discipline.

B.A. students in art at Valpo must complete the general education requirements for the B.A. This University-wide core strengthens communication and critical thinking skills while introducing global cultures and traditions.



Bachelor of Arts – Digital Media Arts Major
(Minimum 36 Cr.)

  • CVA 100: Introduction to Media and Visual Arts
  • CVA 163 Photography
  • CVA 230: Graphic Design
  • CVA 271: Cinema Production
  • CVA 302: Intellectual Property and Communication Law
  • CVA 386: Internship
  • CVA 499: Capstone Senior Project

Plus one course from the following options (satisfies WID):

  • CVA 244: Persuasion and Advocacy
  • CVA 361: Advanced Journalism
  • CVA 472: Screenwriting
  • MUS 405: Arts & Entertainment

Plus two courses from the following options:

  • CVA 121: Drawing
  • CVA 125: Ideation
  • CVA 160: Media Storytelling
  • CVA 243: Public Speaking
  • CVA 272: Lighting the Story
  • CVA 300: Podcasting
  • CVA 331: Web Design
  • CVA 350: Audio Production

Plus two additional courses from the following options:

  • CVA 121: Drawing
  • CVA 125: Ideation
  • CVA 160: Media Storytelling
  • CVA 251: Studio Television Production
  • CVA 263: Advanced Photography
  • CVA 272: Lighting the Story
  • CVA 270: Introduction to Cinema Studies
  • CVA 291: Topics in World Cinema
  • CVA 292: Special Topics in Visual Arts 
  • CVA 300: Podcasting
  • CVA 322: Sports Media Formats
  • CVA 324: Video Art
  • CVA 350: Audio Production
  • CVA 351: Documentary Production
  • CVA 371: Advanced Cinema Production
  • CVA 380: Television Producing and Directing
  • CVA 390: Topics in Communication and Visual Arts
  • CVA 392: Special Topics in Visual Arts
  • CVA 465: Race, Class, and Gender in the Media
  • CVA 472: Screenwriting
  • CVA 490: Topics in Communication and Visual Arts
  • CVA 492: Special Topics in Digital Media Arts
  • CVA 497: Honors Work
  • CVA 498: Honors Candidacy

Digital Media Arts Minor (Minimum 15 Cr.)

From the Digital Media Arts Major, take 3 credits from the 100-level, 6 credits from the 200-level, and 6 credits from 300-level or higher.