Aimee Tomasek


Aimee Tomasek (she/her) Associate Professor 219.465.7819 VUCA 2433


MFA – University of Kentucky (1993)
B.A. – University of Wisconsin (1989)


Professor Aimee Tomasek’s first photographic essay was a 4-H photography project that was exhibited and won a blue ribbon at the Polk County Fair. The essay was a set of six color pictures mounted on bright green tagboard with blue letters stating the title “How to Butcher a Rabbit.” Professor Tomasek is still making images that address the institution of the county fair. She considers herself to be a documentary photographer as well as a social commentator. Some of her interests are rooted in humor, some in more serious concepts; all of them address the simultaneous uniqueness and commonality of individuals. Professor Tomasek has taught how photographs are made, seen, and valued at Valparaiso University since 1996.


Major photographic projects that Professor Tomasek has worked on or is currently involved with include:

  • Czech Days: a photographic documentary of Clarkson, Nebraska
  • Hot Idle: LTV Steel, Indiana Harbor
  • Knee High by the Fourth of July: Overholt
  • Mardi Gras, Celebrating With the Saints and Sinners
  • Crying with the Saints and Sinners
  • Krewe

Portfolios that she is currently involved with include:

  • Down it Comes, Up it Goes: Co-Alliance, Malden Elevator
  • Good Cooks: Portraits from the Church Cookbook