Alumni Spotlight

We feature an alum from the Department of Communication and Visual Arts as a way to help our students identify with various career paths this degree can take them. If you know an alum who should be featured, please email us!

Alum Spotlight: Katia Aiello

1. Where are you working now? I’m currently working at WGN America’s NewsNation in Chicago as a News Writer. I was a news producer in Las Vegas for nearly six years. I started my career in Madison, Wisconsin right out of college.

2. What was your major? Year you graduated?Digital Media, 2014. Minor in Meteorology.

3. What were you involved in at Valpo? I was involved with the Torch, WVUR, and VUTV. I was also a Studio Assistant for the Communications Department where I would help students check out camera equipment for classes and projects.

4. What was your favorite Comm class at Valpo? Advanced Media Production. The class had the opportunity to learn each TV position from anchor to audio to directing and producing.

5. What is your favorite memory or thing you learned at Valparaiso? The one thing that stuck with me after attending Valpo was how involved you can get within the Communications department. Each media organization teaches you the basics of what to expect when you enter a job. I loved how I could juggle each organization and gain experience without feeling overwhelmed during my time at Valpo.

6. Was there anything/anyone that created a lasting impact on you while at Valpo? Communications professors, Phillip Powell and Paul Oren. Both of them always looked out for me, had my best interest, and pushed me to do better not only at school but also well into my career. I still keep in touch with them to this day. Their support is something I’ll always cherish.

7. What advice do you have for current Valparaiso students? Hold yourself to a standard and never less, not just in work, but in all aspects of your life. When you step into the “real” world out of college, you start to learn about yourself more and grow in ways that will surprise you.

*How Valpo prepared me for my career*Valparaiso University checks off many boxes when it comes to career experience. There are so many student-driven organizations that get you on the fast track toward your career. My involvement with the Torch, WVUR, and VUTV not only helped me understand the media industry as a whole but also prepared me to step into a newsroom and feel comfortable with my skills. What makes the experience even better is the people you grow with and the opportunities they can offer. Valpo helps every student give them the stepping stones to pave the way into their career. It takes time and dedication, but the end result of not working a day in your life is priceless.