Undergraduate Programs

The communication department offers flexible degree programs for students who want to develop this most essential skill.


Majors in the communication department prepare students for work in the constantly evolving field of communication. Internships are required for most majors. Note that students may not have a double major within the department, or a major and a minor within the department.

The communication major is a broad, general degree that prepares students for a wide variety of careers and develop in them a variety of competencies — from public speaking to Internet news delivery to corporate communication. It is designed to be extremely flexible, and the curriculum includes a nine-credit concentration. Students may choose from the following options:

  • Communication Law
  • Journalism
  • Public Relations
  • General Communication

This degree allows students to develop the skills required for any position in the broad fields of communication. It can be completed as a 32-hour major or as a 40-hour major.

Valpo’s digital media major focuses on both digital delivery and content. Students create digital content in state-of-the-art video and audio production studios and editing labs, while at the same time learning the professional and legal requirements associated with digital content.

The curriculum includes courses in digital video and audio production and editing, the digital media industries, journalism, videography (camera principles), web design, and desktop publishing. As with the communication major, the digital media major is very flexible, allowing students to take courses, beyond those required, from anywhere in the department. It can be completed as a 32-hour major or as a 40-hour major.

Students with a particular communication career interest not specifically addressed by existing majors may elect to create an individualized major. Working in conjunction with the department’s individualized major advisor, students may select courses from several the communication department and other related departments.

Examples of possible individualized majors include:

  • Graphic Communication (communication and art)
  • Sports Broadcasting (communication and physical education)
  • International Communication (communication and foreign languages)
  • Political Communication (communication and political science)


Students majoring outside of the communication department can develop their skills and credentials through one of the department’s five specialized communication minors. Any of the minors can be completed with 15 credit hours of coursework. Learn More »

never expected to end up where I did. I’ve done a lot of looking back in my senior year, and I never regret a minute of the last three years. There have been stepping stones all the way here. I didn’t really see it until I stepped back and said ‘wow.

– Kyle Smart ’15