The SAGE (Senior Adult Growth through Education) program provides formal educational opportunities for senior adults.  Persons 60 and older or retired may audit almost all undergraduate or graduate courses on a space-available basis at a special low tuition rate. This program is available at an extremely low cost because the SAGE student does not displace a full-paying, degree-seeking student.  Space can be limited for pedagogical reasons or by the size of the classroom.  To assure degree-seeking students maximum opportunity for registration, “available space” is not confirmed until the day the course actually begins.

SAGE students participate as auditors, meaning they are not required to complete readings, engage in class discussions, write papers, or take examinations.  Conversely, it also means that the professors are not obligated to evaluate work done by auditors. SAGE students bring special perspectives to the classroom. In order to have the professor evaluate written work or to engage in class discussion, SAGE students should discuss their involvement with the professor.


Students can search for courses using the online course search tool.

Tuition & Fees for the 2022-2023 Academic Year

Tuition: $60 per credit hour. (Most courses are three credit hours.)
General Fee: $25 per Semester
One-time Application fee: $30

Financial Aid

Financial Aid is not available for SAGE students.

Admission Requirements

SAGE students must be 60 years of age or older or retired.
Previous college attendance is not required.
A place in a class cannot be confirmed officially until the first day of class.

Application Deadlines
  • Summer – May 1
  • Fall – August 1
  • Spring – January 1


SAGE students may register by appointment in the Office of Continuing Education.

Request Information

To request information about our SAGE program, please contact the Office of Continuing Education at 219.464.5313 or by emailing