Certificate in Applied Econometrics and Data Science Foundations Using SAS

This 12-credit certificate provides students with practical, hands-on experience in data manipulation, segmentation, econometric modeling and forecasting, and other data analysis techniques using SAS statistical software. Students are trained to perform complicated data analysis, critically evaluate business problems, and contribute to the development of business solutions.


Applicants must meet all the requirements of the Graduate School (page 104). Students who are not enrolled in a graduate program at Valparaiso University must apply to the Graduate School as non-degree seeking students. Students may transfer up to three credits from a different institution, subject to the Graduate School transfer policy. Transfer credit is reviewed and approved by the certificate advisor.

Required Courses (6 credits)
ECON 525 Applied Econometrics 3 Credits
ECON 573 Applied Data Science 3 Credits
Elective Courses (6 credits)
ECON 543 Time Series Analysis 3 Credits
ECON 563 Introduction to SAS 3 Credits
ECON 695 Independent Study 1-3 Credits
 IT 533 Data Mining 3 Credits
Any other course approved by certificate advisor 3 Credits