M.S. International Economics and Finance

The master of science in International Economics and Finance (IEF) from Valparaiso University provides students with:

  • Theoretical and analytical training in the economic, financial, and policy aspects of global business and commerce
  • Data analysis training, including training in the statistical software SAS, which is highly valued in the labor market
  • Skills that are applicable to various fields, including banking, health care, insurance, international development, and education
  • Small class sizes of students from diverse backgrounds mentored by faculty in realizing their academic and professional goals
  • A degree with a STEM classification, allowing international students to pursue three years of post-graduate employment through Optional Practical Training (OPT)
  • An early entry option that allows current undergraduates to earn up to 9 credits toward their graduate degree, saving both time and money
  Economic Theory (15 Credits)  
ECON 501 Theory and Applications in Microeconomics 3 cr
ECON 502 Theory and Applications in Macroeconomics 3 cr
ECON 623 International Economics 3 cr
ECON 538 Economics of Financial Markets 3 cr
ICP 661 International Political Economy 3 cr
  Statistical Analysis (9 Credits)  
POLS 513 Research Methods and Basic Statistics 3 cr
ECON 525 Applied Econometrics 3 cr
ECON 543 Time Series Analysis 3 cr
  Professional and Leadership Skills (3 credits)  
ICP 621 Global Leadership and Team Development 3 cr
GRD 683 Professional and Career Development 0 cr
  Electives (9 credits)  
  At least two courses from the following options:  
ECON 539 Money and Banking 3 cr
ECON 627 International Monetary Theory and Applications 3 cr
ECON 573 Applied Data Science 3 cr
STAT 540 Statistics for Decision Making 3 cr
  Other Electives  
ECON 563 Introduction to SAS 3 cr
ECON 536 Economics of Developing Nations 3 cr
ECON 686 Internship 1-3 cr
ECON 695 Independent Study 1-3 cr
ECON 537 Public Economics 3 cr
ICP 622 Developing Nations and Sustainability 3 cr
ICP 662 International Competitiveness, Politics, and Policies 3 cr
ICP 615 New Venture Creation 3 cr
ICP 616 Import and Export: Planning and Procedure 3 cr
ICP 671 International Business Transactions 3 cr
ICP 678 International Commerce and Trade Law 3 cr
ICP 670 Law and Legal Principles 3 cr
STAT 561 Introduction to R 3 cr
STAT 541 Probability 4 cr
STAT 542 Mathematical Statistics 3 cr
STAT 544 Stochastic Processes 3 cr
MATH 523 Game Theory 3 cr
MATH 522 Optimization 3 cr
AMOD 610 Business Analytics 3 cr
AMOD 533 Data Mining 3 cr


Note: GRD 500 Graduate Academic Success is required for all new international graduate students in their first semester of enrollment.

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    Applicants must meet all the requirements of the Graduate School as well as demonstrate adequate preparation for successful study in the program. Applicants must also demonstrate quantitative skills by satisfactorily completing a college level statistics course and a college level mathematics course at the level of algebra or higher. While the GRE test is not required for admission, applicants who score a 152 or higher on the quantitative reasoning portion of the test may use their score to demonstrate quantitative skills in lieu of the college level mathematics course. Students may be eligible for admission to this program as an Early Entry student.

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