Past Keynotes – PLC Workshop

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Photo of author Lee Mun Wah
December 2016

Lee Mun Wah

Resolving Conflicts in a Diverse Classroom

Photo of author Dave Burgess
December 2015

Dave Burgess

Reignite your Passion for the Profession

Photo of Program Book
December 2014

Character Matters for Academic Success: How Grit and Perseverance are Strong Predictors of Success

Photo of Troy Hicks
December 2013

Dr. Troy Hicks

Mixing Sources Amplifying Voices: Crafting Writing in an Informational Age

Photo of Cynthia Shanahan
December 2012

Dr. Cynthia Shanahan

Implementing CCSS Continued: What do the Disciplines have to do with it?

Photo of Donna M. Ogle
December 2011

Dr. Donna Ogle

Moving Forward with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS): The Promises and Challenges of the Common Core State Standards