Past Keynotes – Literacy Workshop

Photo of author Christopher Lehman

October 2016

Christopher Lehman

Close Reading, Lessons for Analyzing Texts

Photo of keynote speaker Kristin Ziemke

October 2015

Kristin Ziemke

It’s Not the Technology, It’s the THINKING

Photo of author Stephanie Harvey

October 2014

Stephanie Harvey 

Comprehension Strategies that Work

Photo of Lori Oczkus

October 2012

Lori Oczkus

Reciprocal Teaching at Work

Photo of Steven Layne

October 2011

Steven Layne

Igniting a Passion for Reading

Photo of author Lester Laminack

October 2010

Lester Laminack

Reading Aloud Across the Curriculum

Photo of Katie Wood Ray

February 2010

Katie Wood Ray

A Pen, A Book and All that Matters Most

Photo of author Michael P. Ford

February 2009

Michael Ford

From Daunting to Do-able Differentiation

Photo of author Tim Rasinski

February 2008

Tim Rasinski

Effective Teaching of Reading: from Phonics to Fluency

Photo of Kristina Smekens

Kristina Smekens

March 2007

Targeting Struggling Readers & Reading Comprehension on ISTEP

March 2006

Building Readers & Writers, Seeing the Big Picture