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Business Processes

Our FM office team is ready to assist with any questions you may have. Feel free to contact us with general inquiries, key questions, work order concerns, etc.

Chargeback Guidelines

Upon completion of the work order, the designated GL account number is charged via Colleague. Charges can be viewed in Colleague Financial by running a budget report or pulling up the specific account number that was provided on the work order. Work order charges are identified on budget reports with the code PC (Plant Charge) followed by the work order number assigned by Facilities Management.

For clarification, if a request is such that it is necessary for the upkeep and maintenance of the building or is part of the structure, there is no charge. However, if the request is particular to the department, a charge is assessed for labor and material. Examples include: installing shelves, hanging pictures, bulletin boards or signs, removing or moving department-owned items, setting up tables/chairs/tents, and carpeting or painting for aesthetic purposes. Careful planning of these events will prevent individual departments from incurring overtime charges.

You may find our detailed Chargeback Guidelines here. Questions regarding charges to your account should be directed to 219.464.5133.

Chargeback Frequency

Chargebacks for labor and material are performed on a weekly basis.

Key Guidelines

UPDATE (as of 3/4/22) In accordance with continued efforts and process reviews to ensure the security of our students, faculty and staff, the following change has been made to Valparaiso University’s key guidelines 

Faculty and staff will be issued keys to their respective offices. Access to a building’s exterior doors will be swipe card only. If another key is required to perform the duties of their job, a Key Authorization Form will need to be signed by a department chair or director and attached to the key request work order. Keys currently issued to faculty or staff will not be adjusted.  This approach is effective moving forward.

Facilities Management has the authority to limit the issuance of keys. This authority is under the direction of the Vice President for Administration and Finance and the Provost. That is to say, if someone requests a key, it is up to our best judgement how to fulfill the request. Facilities Management has the responsibility to maintain lock combination systems and, to that extent, contribute to building security. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL KEY GUIDELINES

  • All keys must return to FM upon end of employment for proper auditing. Do not transfer or hand off keys to other employees.
  • FM will reach out to department liaisons when terminated employees have not returned keys. Department heads will need to determine if a re-core is necessary.
  • Provide a GL account for keys that need cut in the description field of the work order.
  • FM has a limited amount of key storage. We will try our best to keep keys to transfer them from employee to employee. When keys are not available for transfer the bullet point above applies.
  • Contractors working on campus that need access to spaces on campus need to check out keys with Facilities Management. They will receive the appropriate key(s) and an FM contractor badge.
  • Contractor keys and badges must be returned the same day by 3:30 pm.
Pest Control Guidelines

Facilities Management oversees the University’s Pest Control contract. The Pest Control contractor is on-site twice a month providing pest control treatment across campus.

The contractor is set to come out every second and fourth Friday of the month. Pest control treatment dates may change due to University Holidays and breaks.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Pest Control Treatment, please contact the Facilities Management Office at 219.464.5132.

Facilities Management Employee Uniforms

Out-of-Pocket purchases should be made through the Cintas FM uniform website. This site can be used to purchase uniform items and/or other apparel anytime throughout the year.

Please note: Uniform work shirts, smocks, polos, and t-shirts must include the Valparaiso University logo on them. This website does not substitute and/or replace the FM uniform guidelines. FM does not provide any coordination for out-of-pocket purchases, such as returns, exchanges, shipping delays, backorders, price discrepancies, etc.

After clicking the link, you’ll be asked to enter a company ID. Our company ID is Valparaiso. This website usually times out after 20 minutes of inactivity. Try not to stay idle longer than that when placing orders. If you do get timed out, you are able to get back onto the site using the link. If you are taken to an unfamiliar page you can click shop > my company store. It’ll ask you to enter in a company ID which is Valparaiso. From that point you can start ordering again. The browser you use and how many Cintas site sessions you open can all have an effect on the session.