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Why Communication at Valpo?

The communication major is a broad, general degree that prepares students for a wide variety of careers and develops a variety of competencies. It is designed to be extremely flexible, permitting students to take courses, beyond those required, from anywhere in the department.

This degree is appropriate for students who are undecided about which communication area will interest them the most upon graduation. In the classroom and during the required internship, students develop the skills they will need for positions across the field of communication.

Communication Highlights


The CVA department faculty have relationships with local professionals and organizations including organizations on campus that have successfully hosted students as interns.

Diverse Possibilities

The career opportunities for Communication majors are diverse. It will prepare graduates for a variety of careers.

Experts and Mentors

Professors at Valpo help students develop their knowledge, their career plans, and their curiosity.

Alumni Spotlight
We still reminisce and laugh about our shared experiences – everything from photoshoots at the Indiana Dunes, to songs hummed or words said to each other as we worked in the pitch-black dark room trying not to run into each other, to a photo conference Professor Tomasek took a large group of students to at Burr Oaks State Park…
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