Career Paths

Many careers are open to students who graduate with a major in English. Medical and law schools appreciate a strong background in English. Top business executives want associates who are skilled at oral and written expression.  Communications specialists in all fields require excellent analytic, research, and writing skills, as well as proficiency in digital and social media.  The study of English can equip you for all of these things.

Career Paths for English Major

If you plan a career in business, you may well prefer a background in business administration, but you should also be able to analyze, assimilate, and communicate a large variety of information. For this, English offers excellent preparation. (The interested student might consider the English major and the liberal arts business minor: see the General Catalog.) In short, job possibilities for the English major are almost unlimited.

Our graduates have become successful attorneys, ministers, journalists, researchers, communication specialists in business, health care, and non-profit sectors, specialists in library and information science, creative writers, and grant writers.

Graduates of the English Studies and Communication program have worked as professional writers in business, non-profit, and humanitarian work, as well as in k-12 settings or in universities in the U.S. and internationally, as outlined in our ESC careers page. Please see our TESOL careers page for additional placements by ESC graduates with the TESOL certificate.

We encourage our students to visit the Career Center, the annual Career Fair, and programming by the Career Center and the Department of English about strategies for graduate school, career development, and job searches, and to talk with their academic advisor frequently about their goals upon completion of their degree.

Possible Careers for English Majors

  • Human Resources
  • Library and Information Science
  • Copy Writing
  • Advertising
  • Professional and Technical Writing
  • Digital and Broadcast Media
  • Systems Analysis
  • Public Relations
  • Computer Programming
  • Information Management Banking
  • Insurance (sales, claims, underwriting)
  • Project Designing