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Myths and Facts

MYTH: My daughter won’t have time for her studies if she joins a sorority.

FACT: Sororities were founded upon the ideal of academic excellence, and sorority women at Valpo perform better academically than the non-affiliated women. In the spring 2020 semester, the average GPA of a sorority woman was a 3.504. Every woman joining a sorority must have a 2.50 cumulative GPA and 12 college credits to be eligible for membership.

MYTH: My daughter is not interested in “buying her friends” by joining a sorority.

FACT: The costs of sorority membership are not related to “buying friends.” Membership dues pay for the programming, leadership development, and other benefits that members receive on both the local and national level.

MYTH: We cannot afford for our daughter to join a sorority.

FACT: Sorority membership is a financial expense that your daughter should review prior to joining. Semester dues range from $500–$600, and there are some additional expenses in the first semester of membership. More information on the specific costs for each sorority at Valparaiso University can be found here.

MYTH: My daughter will be hazed if she joins a sorority.

FACT: Valparaiso University has a zero-tolerance policy regarding hazing. All sorority women are educated about the plague of hazing and sign an agreement stating their understanding of the University hazing policy, and all alleged violations are fully investigated. It is our priority to create a safe and healthy environment for all sorority women at Valparaiso University.

MYTH: If my daughter joins a sorority, she will spend all of her time partying.


While social interaction is part of sorority membership, most sorority members spend their time attending meetings, planning programs and events, and learning how to manage their time wisely with lifelong sisters and friends. Sorority membership offers leadership and personal development programming along with countless philanthropic and community service opportunities. In the 2019-2020 school year, sorority women contributed over 10,000 hours of community service and raised more than $60,000 for philanthropic organizations.

MYTH: My daughter will not know which sorority to join.

FACT: The annual formal sorority recruitment process offers the opportunity for women to identify and learn about the values by which each organization strives to live. Your daughter will have the fall semester to meet sorority women, followed by the formal recruitment process in January.

MYTH: Sorority membership has no benefits after graduation.

FACT: Sorority membership is not just for four years — it’s for life. Each woman that joins a sorority agrees to be an active member well beyond her undergraduate years at Valpo. While the collegiate years are the most highly associated with sorority membership, alumnae women actively serve as chapter advisors and mentors to the undergraduate women. Undergraduate sorority chapters benefit greatly from the lifelong involvement of members.

Following graduation, sorority women benefit from their membership through extensive networking opportunities with sisters around the world.