Raghavendar Antham

Raghavendar Antham

Information Technology

What are you hoping to accomplish and or offer to GSAC?
As an international student who has experience working as a campus ambassador, I am better able to assist incoming students since I am aware of their specific needs.

What are three expectations that you have of this council? 

  • Honor code place in student life.
  • One place for all your questions.
  • Interdisciplinary activities.

How do you plan to represent graduate students on GSAC? 
As a grad student, I might know what they are looking for so it’s easy for me to guide them in the correct path. A good mentor listens, but also gives the opinion and advises. I’ll try to be the one-time solution for them, and I’ll make them understand that we are here for them.

What led to your decision to become a graduate student at Valpo? 
The culture at Valpo will gives you the freedom to interact with professors and communities to get to know more about the curriculum and society. The master’s IT program has two elective tracks where I can learn technology along with management.

What is one interesting fact about yourself? 
I try to work on diverse topics as I’m a quick learner and not a guy who just copies and pastes.

What is your favorite food? 
Chicken Biryani (South Indian)