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Professional Development

For many graduate students, pursuing your specialty involves a change in career focus and sometimes even a change in professional identity. Resources are available to help you explore and articulate your new professional identity, as well as tools to help you search for meaningful internships and employment after graduation.

GRAD 683 Professional & Career Development is a 0-1 credit course that encourages students to reflect upon their career goals, strengths, and challenges as they plan their entry into the job market, and to develop successful skills and strategies for a job search. Includes resume and cover letter preparation, networking, interviewing, approaching referees, and other topics relevant to preparation for either career advancement, including further graduate study.

The Career Center is dedicated to assisting current students with all of their career development needs from their first year onward. We can assist with a variety of different issues, both in individual and group settings.  Please visit the Career Center web page for more information about services and hours.

Students required or choosing to complete an internship must complete the Internship Form and additional required documentation in order to request approval of their internship from the Dean of the Graduate School and proceed with registration.  Please click here for the full list of required documentation.


The Graduate School and Continuing Education is interested in supporting graduate students who will be presenting research and creative work at academic conferences and public exhibitions. Therefore, we are pleased to announce Graduate Student Research and Travel Expense Awards for the academic year.

The quantity and amounts of awards will depend on the number of requests received, but it is anticipated that the Graduate School will be able to award up to 10-15 requests in the range of $200-250 for local travel and up to $800 for out-of-town travel involving airfare during the academic year until funds are exhausted. All graduate students are welcome to apply.

How to apply: Graduate Students, the application itself represents a professional development opportunity for you. Please email your request to Interim Dean and include the following information:

  • your name, degree program, and title of your project
  • the research activity or course in which you completed your work
  • amount of the request
  • a detailed budget with anticipated expenses
  • evidence of your participation in the event (e.g., your name listed in the conference program)
  • please copy (“cc”) your program director/advisor on the email

Requests may be funded in whole or in part. Awards will be distributed to the most deserving proposals on a first come first served basis throughout the academic year until the funds are exhausted.

After you return, please submit a travel expense form, and attach summary report with photo for use in promotions (you may email your photo to  Please consider repeating your presentation at the Academic Symposium in the spring semester.

The Graduate Academic Symposium provides an opportunity for graduate students to present their research and creative projects in a public forum. A call goes out each spring for students to submit proposals for presentations at this event.