B.A. in History Major


B.A. students in History at Valpo must complete the general-education requirements for the B.A. This University-wide core strengthens communication and critical-thinking skills while introducing the student to global cultures and traditions.


Students who plan on graduate work in history are strongly urged to acquire reading proficiency in at least one modern foreign language.Combining a history major with a Fundamentals of Business Minor has proved to be a popular path for those who have strong interests in history and who plan to pursue a business career.

Required Courses

HIST 100 European History 3 credits
HIST 110 The World in the Twentieth Century 3 credits
HIST 300 Historiography and Methods 3 credits
HIST 493 Research Seminar 3 credits
Twelve credits from 300 or 400-level courses (at least one course in each of the following fields):
  • History of the Americas
  • European History
  • Non-Western History
12 credits
Note: HIST 390 or HIST 492 may be used to fulfill a field requirement if the topic is appropriate.
TOTAL 30 credits