Adam Bruno, Class Of 2017
The major will challenge and push you to your intellectual limits, but in a manner where you are constantly provided with the support you need.
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Patrick Hanlon, Class Of 2015
Valpo has such a great faculty (and not just in History) who are not just knowledgeable about their subject areas, but are great to talk to about anything - not just class work.
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John “Jack” Verhayden, Class Of 2017
The reason I chose to continue onto grad school in history is because of my great professors at Valpo.
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Megan Smith, Class Of 2008
Taking courses in the history of the wider world humbles a person and gives them a more complex understanding of other cultures and customs.
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Harold Mobley, Class Of 1971
I spent 30 years of my career in labor relations, a discipline which requires a tremendous amount of research, analysis and reporting - sounds just like history at work, doesn't it?
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Brandon Miller, Class Of 2011
I recall being allowed into the archive at the Christopher Center, where our historiography class was able to handle documents and books that date all the way back to the Reformation.
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Katie Burakowski, Class Of 2004
I am currently an Assistant Professor of Sport Management at St. John Fisher College in Rochester, New York. My experience in history has helped me to understand the context of developments in sport.
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Charles “Chip” Brehmer, Class Of 1989
On a regular basis, as I read and digest complicated information and formulate a rationale for significant decisions based upon that information.
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Amber Will, Class Of 2012
During a History of Homelessness class with Professor Bloom, we got to take two mini field trips in order to help us understand the experience of homelessness in Valpo.
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Nathan Press, Class Of 2005
The two skills that I directly attribute to my history degree are my writing ability and my problem solving skills. In the business world, these two skills have been invaluable.
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Dorothy Drummond, Class Of 1949
I was looking for a discipline that would help me to understand my place in the world. Eventually, I combined history and geography, so that my worldview now combines time and place.
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Ben Lieske, Class Of 2006
At Valpo, the professors tend to be very friendly, passionate, open, and accessible. The history department is the epitome of that concept.
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