The mission of the Office of Inclusion and Retention focuses on areas of diversity, inclusion, and equity as well as the recruitment, retention, and success of all of our students, faculty, and staff.

We promote community engagement by supporting a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment and educating our community on how our Lutheran ethos can inform our university’s commitment to inclusion. This knowledge is essential in fostering cultural and intellectual differences related to norms, customs, values, worldviews, thoughts, and perspectives. These differences enrich the quality and vibrancy of campus life and, hopefully, allow our community members to experience a true sense of belonging.

The Office of Inclusion and Retention is also committed to excellence through the development and delivery of high-quality retention programs and services. It is our utmost priority to develop and implement an array of support mechanisms and holistic approaches to education that ensure the aspirations of our students, faculty, and staff remain attainable.