Helge Center


Our Vision

The Institute for Leadership and Service is dedicated to preparing students for lives of leadership and service — lives shaped by a sense of calling, equipped for thoughtful reflection, engaged in the larger world, and responsive to its deepest challenges.

Our Mission

The Institute helps students make connections between their study, their service, and their plans for future success leading to a deeper sense of purpose and calling in church and society.

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Our Strategy

Our portfolio of programs help students build vision, skills and relationships:

  • VISION for the many ways leadership and service can be a part of their professional story.
  • SKILLS to support and sustain a life of leadership and service.
  • RELATIONSHIPS, because discernment about big life decisions is best done
    in community, with supportive peers and mentors.

Located in the Helge Center, the Institute works with all members of our educational community — students, faculty, staff, alumni, and external partners — to assure that Valpo graduates are exceptionally well-prepared for a lifetime of leadership and service in a complex global world.