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Meet the 2022 CAPS Fellows

Serving With Nonprofits Out Of Chicago, Illinois

Katharina Depenthal Global Service & Humanities Major Serving with Heartland Alliance

Katharina Depenthal is a senior Global Service and Humanities double major minoring in Sociology, Music, and German. She hails from Orlando, Florida and her passions include human rights, specifically refugee’s rights, sustainability, travel, good conversations, and her faith. This summer she is excited to work on the Care Coordination team with Heartland Alliance to help support the mental health of the refugee communities they serve and be a part of the incredible work they are doing.

Justine Dorsey Integrated Business & Engineering Major Serving with Concordia Place

Justine Dorsey is a sophomore Integrated Business and Engineering major and Spanish minor from Indianapolis, IN. She is passionate about serving others in her community and being an advocate for those whose voices are silenced and overlooked. She is very excited about her summer placement with Concordia Place in Chicago, a nonprofit company that provides multigenerational programs that promote economic growth and opportunity. She is looking forward to learning about nonprofit management and a chance to make a difference!

Philip Bolton English Literature Major Serving with The Bridge Teen Center

Philip Bolton is a junior English Literature Major with double minors in Digital Media and the Humanities. He is passionate about participating in the community and is interested in getting more experience in the field of public relations. He is excited to spend the summer assisting in the management of social media and public outreach at the Bridge Teen Center, an organization that provides young people with a safe place where they can bond with their peers and participate in a wide array of extracurricular programs. Philip wants to help give the Bridge Teen Center a strong and vibrant online presence so that they can spread their mission to as many people as possible.

Isabelle Kalil English & Psychology Majors Serving with The Bridge Teen Center

Isabelle Kalil is a junior English and Psychology double major from Cedar Lake, IN. She is passionate about uplifting children’s unique perspectives, doing ministry work, and writing. She will be serving as a Program Intern with The Bridge Teen Center in Orland Park, IL, this summer. She is excited to work alongside a like-minded team to develop and run programs of various kinds for teens in the area.

Sophia Panfil Biology Major Serving with the Bridge Teen Center

Sophia Panfil is a junior Biology major with minors in Neuroscience, Chemistry, and Individualized Dance.  This summer she is excited to be working with The Bridge Teen Center as their Human Resources Fellow. She is looking forward to learning more about how a non-profit organization is run, forming connections with new people, and exploring her passion for service.

Tyla Gross Political Science & Sociology Majors Serving with Community Renewal Society

Tyla Gross (she/her/hers) is a junior Political Science and Sociology double major and a soon-to-be Social Work minor. She is passionate about being a voice for those who are marginalized in society and hopes to be a part of criminal justice reform in the future. She is eager to learn and be an advocate in any and every way she can through her fellowship at Community Renewal Society this summer.

Serving With Nonprofits Out Of Indianapolis, Indiana

Essence Roberson Computer Science Major Serving with Kheprw

Essence Roberson is a sophomore Computer Science major and Business minor. She is passionate about the development of minority youth, mental health, and serving others. She is excited about working with Kheprw this year and being able to both aid them in their goals and also learn more about the administrative portion of nonprofits;She is also hoping to get a new perspective on what different people need. She’s looking forward to getting hands-on experience that will aid her career goals and passions.

Isaiah Roach Finance Major Serving with Kheprw

Isaiah Roach (he/him/his) is a rising junior Finance major. He is excited to begin his CAPS Fellowship with Kheprw, an intergenerational multi-racial social enterprise organization addressing and creating future-oriented solutions for a host of community challenges. He is excited to help others achieve their goals, but above all he is excited to continue to grow, learn, and ultimately gain insight into the opportunities and perspective that comes with working for a nonprofit organization.

Reese Foytik Sociology Major Serving with Harrison Center for the Arts

Reese Foytik is a senior majoring in Sociology with a minor in Philosophy. This summer, she will be traveling to Indianapolis to work with the Harrison Center, an organization focused on creating community in the city through art and culture. She is looking forward to learning about the issues that urban neighborhoods and their residents face, and how renewal can take place. She also is interested in the artists’ contributions to their community, and how everyone can work towards solving problems with creative or cultural solutions. A goal of hers this summer is to learn more about herself and explore some career options.

Emily Fletcher Psychology & Environmental Science Majors Serving with Kheprw

Emily Fletcher (she/her/hers) is a sophomore Psychology and Environmental Science major from Brownsburg, Indiana. She is passionate about the environment, human rights, inclusivity, and learning anything and everything she can while in this world. She is thrilled to be working with Kheprw/Scarabys this summer! She is excited to be involved in nonprofit work to help address social issues such as environmental injustices. She looks forward to collaborating with a diverse group of people in an engaging, thoughtful environment.

Victoria Cammarano Health Science Major Serving with Red Cross Volunteer Recruitment

Victoria Cammarano (she/her/her’s) is a graduating Health Science major entering the master’s portion of Valparaiso University’s 5-Year Physician Assistant Program. Over the course of the summer, she will be working with the American Red Cross Volunteer Recruitment Team. Victoria, as an ARC intern, will serve her community through promoting blood drives, acting as an ARC ambassador, coordinating events, and regularly corresponding with ARC volunteers. This experience will provide skills in business operations, communication, and teamwork– all of which are essential qualities in a future healthcare professional.

Serving With Nonprofits Out Of Northwest Indiana

Isabella Dietrich Nursing Major Serving with Lutheran Summer Music

Isabella Dietrich is a sophomore nursing student and member of Christ College at Valparaiso University. She is thrilled to be working with Lutheran Summer Music, a program that supports the youth in further cultivating their musical talents and faith. She will serve as a health counselor for LSM and work to support the mental health and wellbeing of the students participating in the program as well as assist with revising the program’s health policies. She is looking forward to a summer filled with new experiences and to begin working with a nonprofit organization that places an emphasis on the spiritual, mental, and physical wellbeing of students.

Tobias Hill Psychology Major Serving with American Red Cross Disaster Preparedness

Tobias Hill is a rising senior Psychology major at Valparaiso University. This summer he will be working with the American Red Cross in Merrillville to assist in disaster preparedness for the local community. He is looking forward to gaining hands-on experience working with diverse populations and having the opportunity to grow with a team.

Serving With A Nonprofit Out Of Leavenworth, Washington

Natalie Gut Theology & Philosophy Majors Serving with Grünewald Guild

Natalie Gut is a junior Theology and Philosophy major. She is very passionate about information and comparative religions, and loves learning as much as she can about different religions and cultures. She is excited to be working with the Grunewald Guild and getting to learn more about the ins and outs of a camp-style non-profit organization.

Katie Endres Communications Major Serving with Grünewald Guild

Katie Endres (she/her) is a rising senior studying Communications with a minor in Cinema and Media Studies. She is very excited to work with the Grunewald Guild this summer! This professional exploration will inform her on organizational structure and operations of a nonprofit.