Serving With Nonprofits Out Of Austin, Texas


Morgan Olson is a Junior Elementary Education Major with a Special Education Minor from Valparaiso, IN. This summer she is incredibly excited to be working with Water to Thrive, an organization that funds the building of wells in eastern Africa and spreads awareness about the African water crisis. With this opportunity, she hopes to become a stronger leader who is better able to serve others and work towards a cause that is bigger than herself and her immediate community. She holds the ideal high that we are placed in the situations we are meant to be in, with that being said, she is eager to see how she will be used as a means to fulfill a need in the community that she is being called to serve in at this given time. She is excited to see how working within this community will provide a newfound perspective to her life.


Kimberly Nieman (she/her/hers) is a rising senior with a major in Communication and double minors in Psychology and Philanthropic Leadership & Service. She has a desire to work in the field of nonprofit, particularly doing community outreach. Kimberly is excited to work with Water to Thrive doing outreach with local businesses to raise funds for the organization, which works to bring clean, safe water to those who need it in rural Africa.


Miranda Engholm is a senior French and Global Service major with a TESOL minor from Edison, NJ. She is passionate about asking hard questions, cultivating cultural competence, and serving others. Thus, she is excited that through CAPS she has the opportunity to intern with Water to Thrive, a non-profit that works empowering communities in Africa by building wells. Miranda is eager to get hands-on experience that will merge her passions.


Ebony Jessen is a 3rd year Healthcare Leadership major with a Human Biology minor. Her goal for the future is to work as a healthcare administrator and be an advocate for both patients and frontline healthcare workers. Her placement site is Water to Thrive and she is so excited to be able to contribute to their amazing non-profit and learn more about how she can help make a difference in their mission!





Serving With Nonprofits Out Of Chicago, Illinois


Lillian Gramza (she/her/hers) is a sophomore at Valparaiso University studying Sociology and Global Service. This summer she is excited to work with Concordia Place in Chicago, which focuses on addressing the systemic causes of poverty and social inequality with accessible, high-quality education and wellness programs. Through this internship, she hopes to learn more about non-profit management and effective, respectful ways to serve others around her. She also hopes to form close relationships with the Concordia Place community as she learns and grows.


Anna Mason (she/her/hers) is a sophomore majoring in Global Service, International Relations, and Spanish with a minor in Middle East Studies. This summer she will be interning with Ingenuity Inc., a nonprofit that brings arts organizations to Chicago public schools. She is looking forward to learning more about how nonprofit organizations are run and getting to assist in expanding arts education, something that was extremely formative to shaping who she is today.


Joy Kassel is a sophomore at Valparaiso University pursuing her Bachelor’s of Social Work with a minor in psychology. This summer she will be working alongside Bethany House of Hospitality in Hyde Park, IL to assist young women seeking asylum in their journey to freedom and independence. She is looking forward to interacting with a diverse population of women and staff members and creating a safe space where all women, regardless of ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and religion, can feel welcomed and supported.


Emily Gaus is a sophomore Sociology and Psychology double major at Valparaiso University. She will have the honor of working with the Lutheran Social Services of Illinois this summer as a 2021 CAPS fellow. Her goals include celebrating and being a part of the LSSI mission, as well as developing her sense of professional character for life after college, and gaining confidence in her career path.







Nicholas Skrobul is a rising senior studying Psychology and Neuroscience at Valparaiso University. He is partnering with the Heartland Alliance during the summer as a Case Manager and will be involved in assisting refugees in a manner of ways as they enter the US. He looks forward to learning about different cultures and continuing to develop crucial clinical skills such as empathetic listening through his work with clients. He is also interested in assisting clients with the navigation of the US healthcare system and subsequently being able to apply such knowledge to his passion for confronting the issues within both the healthcare and immigration systems in the US.






Elizabeth Nevarez (she/her/hers) is a junior at Valparaiso University and she is studying Theology and Ministry with a minor in Philanthropic Leadership and Service. This summer she has the privilege of interning with Linc Ministries Int’l Inc., a nonprofit in Chicago which focuses on serving groups of individuals in urban cities and sharing the good news of Jesus with them. A few goals that she has while being an intern include experiencing new cultures, empathizing with others, and learning through being challenged.


Nailah Bush is soon to be a graduate of Valparaiso University double majoring in Psychology and Criminology from Chicago, IL. This summer she will be working with Ingenuity ensuring that all students have access to arts education. Outside of academics, Nailah is a musician. She is excited to be able to use her artistry and education to provide the youth with equal opportunity to explore their artistic abilities.


Serving With Nonprofits Out Of Washington, D.C.


Sophia Behrens is a rising junior who is a double major in International Relations and French. She is partnered with Lutheran Services in America and is very excited to be able to serve others on such a large scale! She is also excited to work closely with a non-profit that shares her passion of helping others long term.


Laura Reid is a junior Psychology major with minors in Philanthropic Leadership and Service and Neuroscience. She is overjoyed to be working with Lutheran Services in America this summer! Their mission and values in relation to their Disability Network are what specifically drew Laura to their organization. Her goals include providing effective services and hope to areas of our nation that have been in need for far too long.








Hailey Kmetty (they/them/theirs) is a senior Global Service major with a double minor in Philanthropic Leadership and Chinese. They hope to work in the nonprofit sector and make change. This summer, they have the privilege of interning with Ballot Ready which is a startup that empowers voters and advocacy groups by creating nonpartisan voter guides. They look forward to building their skills with an inclusive community that believes in informed voting for all.

Serving With A Nonprofit Out Of Indianapolis, Indiana


Michael Olson (he/him/his) is a Junior Finance major with a minor in Data Analytics. His main extracurricular activity is that he is a Resident Assistant in Brandt Hall, working to develop and support his fellow students. His main goal is to use his abilities and gifts to provide mental well-being and security for those he represents. He is excited to begin his CAPS Fellowship with Kheprw, an intergenerational multi-racial social enterprise organization addressing and creating future-oriented solutions for myriads of community challenges, pursuing new learning opportunities and reflective experiences within his position.

Serving With A Nonprofit Out Of Leavenworth, Washington


Rebekah Hershberger (she/her/hers) is a sophomore psychology and sociology double major from Madison WI. She is so excited to be serving in Leavenworth, WA this summer at the Grünewald Guild, a retreat center that promotes art, faith, and community. She can’t wait to have meaningful interactions with the guests, grow as a leader and learner, and gain insight into her larger career aspirations.