Announcing our 70th Session
April 9–11, 2018



Jessicah Duckworth, Paul Hoffman, Maxwell Johnson, and Craig Satterlee, Plenary Presenters.  Ruth Duck and Mark Mummert, hymn commission.

At baptismal fonts [like this one at Valparaiso University’s Chapel of the Resurrection] ancient water stories continue to flow into our worship spaces:

  • From primordial waters the earth was formed.
  • By the flood species of every kind found protection from the consequences of human evil.
  • Through the sea, God formed a nation of freed slaves.
  • At the well, Jesus promised living water that will spring up from within and reshape the world.

With these stories resounding across time and space we ask the critical question:  What does it mean for us to steward the mysteries of these waters and their stories today?

In an era in which baptism cannot be taken for granted, when some pathways into communion are changing, as seas rise and storms strengthen, as we seek the full visible unity implied by one baptism, and as new generations thirst for mercy, justice, and God, how shall we sing and pray around the water? We continue the work begun in the early formation of the creeds and catechumenate as we ask: what does it mean to baptize into Christ, to baptize in the name of the Holy Trinity?

At the 2018 Institute of Liturgical Studies, guided by leading practitioners, scholars, and musicians, come and join our inquiry into how new Christians are welcomed to the waters, how the church is formed over time by ongoing baptismal renewal, and how the whole of sacramental life is interrelated.

Drawing from the deepest wells of our traditions, we will boldly consider how to renew and reform liturgical practice for a new day.

Future Dates:
2018–2020 – Three-Year Series on Formation

April 29 – May 1, 2019
How the Eucharist Forms Us
Charles Arand and Cynthia Moe-Lobeda, Plenary Speakers

April 20–22, 2020
How Word through Music Forms Us

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