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Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Transforming the Church Through Worship

Our Vision

The Institute of Liturgical Studies is a pivot point that connects church leaders, congregations, and other partners in caring for the church’s liturgy, nurturing and forming those who lead liturgy and song.

Dedicated to being a regular source of renewal and re-creation, the Institute seeks—through worship, music, and study—to provide inspiration and serious reflection for those who serve in the church. Through conversation and exploration of new directions in worship, the Institute shapes liturgists and musicians for the whole church. While the Institute finds its historical roots in the Lutheran tradition, it embraces the wider evangelical catholic tradition and celebrates the heritage of the earliest Christian communities, the Reformation era, and the many and varied faith communities of the present day.

To fulfill its mission, the Institute proactively attends to urgent questions surrounding race and identity with both intentionality and humility. Its advisory council is committed to including diverse leadership, both on the council and at the Institute’s annual gathering, and to addressing questions of equity—locally in conference planning and globally as a place for the renewal and reshaping of the liturgical practice of the church. The Institute fully recognizes the ongoing work it must undertake in this arena, and seeks to be an organization that embraces ongoing learning.