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Past Commissions and Papers

Since its founding, the Institute of Liturgical Studies has served as a gathering place for church leaders, congregations, scholars, and ecumenical partners who steward and nurture the church’s liturgy and song. Presentations, workshops, and conversations originating at the Institute have informed a number of written worship resources and scholarly publications; texts and music commissioned for or “field-tested” during the Institute have, over time, appeared in several congregational resources including Evangelical Lutheran Worship (2006), Lutheran Service Book (2006), and All Creation Sings (2020).

While many of the Institute’s papers and presentations can be accessed through ValpoScholar, the following sections feature liturgical texts and music commissioned by the Institute. Some materials have been made available for download through generous permission of their creators, and links are provided for published resources.

We invite you to download and utilize these resources in your setting, acknowledging their creators or the Institute in locally designed materials. Questions or corrections may be directed to Institute administrator Doreen Olguin-Flores.