Additional Resources

The following materials—all crafted for specific liturgies at the Institute—may also be downloaded and locally adapted. 

Confession and Forgiveness (2019)

This responsive text was crafted for the gathering eucharist at the 2019 Institute

In Deepest Night: A Festival of Psalms (2022)

During the 2022 Institute, the Elm Ensemble presented a “psalm festival” (similar to a “hymn festival”) that explored the gamut of emotions voiced by the psalmists while also modeling many creative ways in which the psalms can be sung in worship. Individual selections of the program along with background and teaching notes have been archived on the ensemble’s YouTube page, among them:

  • Psalm 10, “When Trouble Looms”
  • Psalm 23, B. McFerrin, The Twenty-Third Psalm
  • Psalm 63, “Twas in the Watches of the Night”
  • Psalm 84, H. Schütz, Wie lieblich sind deine Wohnungen
  • Psalm 102, “O Lord, Hear My Prayer”
  • Psalm 104, “Song to the Spirit”
  • Psalm 117, “Da N’ase”
  • Psalm 118, M. Luther, Non moriar sed vivam
  • Psalm 130, J. S. Bach, Aus tiefer Not
  • Psalm 133, “Hine ma tov”
  • Psalm 137, “En Babilonia hay ríos”
  • Psalm 144, “Blessed Be the Lord, My Rock”
  • Psalm 145, H. Schütz, Aller Augen warten auf Herre
Kyrie and Gospel Acclamation (2017)

Based on the French tune NOËL NOUVELET, these settings were arranged by Anne Krentz Organ for the 2017 Institute. Available downloads include the melody and accompaniment for the Kyrie as well as the melody and accompaniment for the gospel acclamation.

Kyrie (2022)

This Kyrie with a sung response and spoken petitions was written for the gathering eucharist at the 2022 Institute; a sung “Amen” may also be used

Litany (2019)

This litany gives thanks for gifts of creation that provide food; it is especially appropriate for liturgies that include themes of creation, harvest, thanksgiving, and vocation

Liturgical Language Resources (2021)

A list of resources about liturgical language that were authored, mentioned, or discussed by presenters Luke Powery, Christian Wiman, and Gail Ramshaw for the Institute’s virtual seminar series in spring 2021

Prayer after Communion (2019)

This prayer is especially appropriate for the Easter season as well as Lectionary 15B (Proverbs 9:1–6) and Lectionary 17C (Luke 14:1, 7–14)

Thanksgiving for Baptism (2020)

Crafted for the theme “Living Breath of God: How Word Through Music Forms Us,” this thanksgiving includes moments for extended silences that invite awareness of breath