An Open Invitation

The Language Resource Center invites all faculty and staff to participate in Lingua Valpo, an initiative that aims to identify and celebrate Valpo’s linguistic diversity. This project focuses on Valpo faculty and staff who wish to share their linguistic knowledge and gifts, and perhaps make new campus connections through language practice or exploration.

If you have knowledge of a language other than English, would you please consider contributing to Lingua Valpo by completing this survey? You don’t need to consider yourself fluent to contribute. We would love to hear from you, whether you have advanced (or moderate) speaking proficiency, are fully bilingual, identify as a Heritage Speaker, possess reading knowledge of another language, etc. On the survey, you will find more about the project’s goals and details on how information you provide may be used. Questions can be directed to Carol Goss, LRC Director, at

More details

The Lingua Valpo project is a new, developing effort to gain a greater understanding of and appreciation for the faculty and staff who make up Valparaiso University. We imagine there is a rich linguistic diversity yet to be uncovered!

Note: This initiative of the Language Resource Center falls outside of any curricular or department matters. 

How will information I provide below be used?

  • Our initial goal is to gather information from faculty and staff to simply learn which languages beyond English are represented by Valpo employees. Once we receive a fair number of contributions, we imagine highlighting in some way the variety of languages shared here. However, we will not publicly associate your name with information you provide in this survey.
  • The information you provide could enable personal enrichment and new connections among faculty and staff, through informal opportunities the LRC facilitates for anyone interested in practicing other languages (e.g., conversation tables, interest groups like Korean and ASL, etc.).
  • Finally, information gathered here could eventually serve as a potential resource to meet specific internal needs, in particular to support our students (e.g., assisting with a student’s language evaluation who hopes to study abroad). However, we will not share your name or forward requests that the LRC or other units may receive without your explicit permission.