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Post Exam

Language students all take an assessment exam at different points in their program of study. The results of the test do not affect the grade in any language class. Instead, they provide feedback to language faculty about the progress students typically make as they advance from lower-level to higher-level language courses. This information allows faculty to make any necessary curricular changes to ensure that the majority of students are making adequate progress in their study of the language.

Enter the username / password
username: webexam
password: valpo383
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Select your language from the pull-down menu.
Select POST as your reason.
Complete the survey
You may skip the survey and scroll to the bottom of the screen.  Click on START TEST to begin the exam.
Take the exam
Once you answer the last one, you will have the option to review and change your answers to earlier questions by using the PREVIOUS button.  When you are ready to submit your exam, click on END EXAM at the bottom.