Color Palette & Photography

Valparaiso University in Color

Valparaiso University’s official colors are brown, gold, and white. A complete color palette, including primary, accent, and neutral colors, supports the Valparaiso University brand. Colors are one of the strongest ties to memory, and the consistent application of our primary colors and complementary palette is critical. Therefore accent colors should be used at a ratio of 10 percent or less. Repetitive use of this palette will build recognition and distinguish Valpo from its competition.

Dark Brown381e0e
Light Brown613318
Prestige Golda58329
Accent Greenadd632
Accent Blue2d7bb3
Tan c8b18b


We recommend editing the image to your desired pixel dimensions before uploading to your image library and then selecting best fit as the image option when you’re working within a mailing. We suggest a 600 x 150 pixel dimension for header images and no image larger than 480 x 480 pixels within the body of the mailing.

For a standard-width template, which is 640 pixels, image sizes for single-image placeholders are:

  • Best Fit = max width is 610 pixels (If it’s a square, the max size is 610 x 610. If the image is a rectangle, it will be 610 x corresponding adjusted height.) No max height.
  • Extra Large = max width OR height is 550 pixels
  • Large = max width OR height is 440 pixels
  • Medium = max width OR height is 280 pixels
  • Small = max width OR height is 120 pixels
  • Thumbnail = max width OR height is 50 pixels