Valparaiso University Student Senate is the campus legislative and advisory body that gives the students a voice on campus issues through representatives they elect. Our General Assembly meetings are on Mondays at 8:30 p.m. in the Harre Union Ballroom A and are open to the public.

Our goal for this website is to be used as a tool for you, on the left sidebar you can find various resources depending on what you need. For example, under the “Student Organizations” you can find everything you need to know about starting, running, budgeting for and managing your organization. Under “Committees” you can find all of our current committees and their members if you need to contact them for anything. If you are having trouble finding anything on this website, feel free to contact the Public Relations Coordinator at

To see what was discussed at any General Meeting, go to the “General Assembly Minutes” tab on the left. There you will find the minutes from past meetings.

Check out the Student Senate YouTube Channel to watch weekly livestreams of meetings by clicking here!

Current News

The Discretionary Funds Committee has resumed and is accepting applications for grants this academic year. Feel free to check out their page for more information. (DFC Page)

Student Senate will be meeting in-person in the Harre Union Ballroom A. You can attend the weekly general meetings in-person on Monday nights at 8:30 or by watching livestreams on the Student Senate YouTube Channel found here.

Contact the University Office for Civil Rights to submit complaints regarding discrimination on the basis of race, color, age, disability, veteran status, religion, national and ethnic origin, or genetic information.  Submit claims for discrimination or Title IX here.