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Election Process

For students expected to be sophomores, juniors, or seniors, your elections take place during the later half of the spring semesters. Each year, you will be expected to attend an informational meeting that will detail the duties of different Student Senate positions. All positions will be required to gather signatures and campaign for their position. Gathering signatures will take place during one full week, then following that week will be an Election Day. Campaigns should focus on current issues facing the university, as well as trying to get students to vote. Voting is done through online ballots sent out via email to every student. Each year the timeline changes, so please check back for up to date information.

For incoming First-Year students, your elections take place during the first few weeks of your first fall semester. Only first-year students are eligible to vote, and the voting will be done through a Google Form emailed out to all students with freshman status. To file for election, first-year students should print and complete an Election Petition that will be released every year at the beginning of each academic year. 30 signatures from first-year students are required, as well as a signature from a current Student Senator and a current Faculty Senator. Each year the timeline changes, so please check back for up to date information.

Elections For The 2021-2022 Academic Year

Student Senators


President and Vice President


If you have any further questions about Student Senate, please do not hesitate to contact the Student Body President or Vice President via email for more information.