Executive Board

Sam Chapman Student Body President senate.president@valpo.edu

The Student Body President shall act as the spokesperson and external representative for the Student Senate. They shall attend university meetings that need student input, advise administrators on the student body’s agenda, as well as appoint students to various organizations within the university governance structure.

Lucas Lennen Student Body Vice President senate.vp@valpo.edu

The Student Body Vice President shall be acting chairperson of Student Senate. They will lead all general assembly meetings, coordinate with committee chairs, and regulate internal operations of the Student Senate. They shall also accompany the Student Body President at all university meetings and organizations within the university governance structure.

Allison Plachta Executive Treasurer senate.treasurer@valpo.edu

The Executive Treasurer shall keep all financial records of the Student Senate and Student Senate recognized student organizations up to date. They shall coordinate with the Student Life Office when financial disputes arise within organizations.

Linnea Goymerac Executive Secretary senate.secretary@valpo.edu

The Executive Secretary shall keep a record of all meeting minutes from the General Assembly. They shall be responsible for taking attendance, managing Robert’s Rules of Order during General Assembly, and reporting any grievances to the appropriate offices.

Aixa Sanchez Public Relations Coordinator senate.pr@valpo.edu

The Public Relations Coordinator shall act as the liaison between the Student Senate and the student body. They shall manage all Student Senate social media accounts, coordinate with media outlets when questions arise, and be responsible for managing all communication channels for the Student Senate.