You can view previous members of Student Senate by clicking on the drop-down menus below.


President – Annika Brown ’20

Vice President – Mark Young ’20

Secretary – Paige Mecyssine ’21

Parliamentarian – Mac Magiera ’22

Public Relations Coordinator – Christopher Grimpe ’22

Treasurer – Kameron Ray ’20

Assistant Treasurer – Jackson Sheputis ’21

Senior Senator Austin Scheer ’20

Senior Senator Jesse Hershberger ’20

Senior Senator Dylan Ogle ’20

Senior Senator Eric Maruyama ’20

Junior Senator Isis Zaki ’21

Junior Senator Andrew Johnson-Levine ’21

Junior Senator Gabby Rogers ’21

Junior Senator Kaitlyn Steinhiser ’21

Sophomore Senator Allison Pariso ’22

Sophomore Senator Ben Jacobs ’22

Sophomore Senator Jolie Foor ’22

Sophomore Senator Brianna Ares ’22

First-Year Senator Sophia Behrens ’23

First-Year Senator Riley Sedlar ’23

First-Year Senator Billy Robinson ’23

First-Year Senator Ian McMillian ’23

At-Large General Senator Josh Holsapple ’22

At-Large General Senator Anna von Seggern ’21

At-Large Commuter Senator Duaa Hijaz ’20

At-Large Commuter Senator Jennifer Stanton ’21

At-Large Transfer Senator Joel Waddell ’21

At-Large Transfer Senator Kurtis Monahan ’20

College of Arts & Sciences Senator Josefina Vargas ’20

College of Engineering Senator Craig Behnke ’20

College of Business Senator Evan Knowles ’20

College of Nursing and Health Professions Senator Sarah Mears ’21

Christ College Senator Joshua Duensing ’21

BP001-FA19: Proposal to add the Chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee to the Student Senate Executive Board

BP002-FA19: Finance Committee Budgetary Operations Overhaul Act

SR001-SP20: Resolution Requesting Housing. Parking, Dining, and General Fee Refund due to the COVID-19 Crisis

SR002-SP20: Resolution Requesting Changes to the Current Residential Policy Regarding Overnight Visitation

President – Alex Winter ’19

Vice President – Carlos Cabaya ’19

Secretary – Paige Mecyssine ’21

Parliamentarian – Peter Mitchell ’19

Public Relations Coordinator – Brenna Bailey ’19

Executive Treasurer – Kevan Polanski ’19

Assistant Treasurer – Kameron Ray ’20

Senior Senator Jake Landgraf ’19

Senior Senator Willow Walsh ’19

Senior Senator Hannah McGee ’19

Senior Senator Julian Garner ’19

Junior Senator Craig Behnke ’20

Junior Senator Jesse Hershberger ’20

Junior Senator Eric Maruyama ’20

Junior Senator Collin Luft ’20

Sophomore Senator Isis Zaki ’21

Sophomore Senator Hannah Imel ’21

Sophomore Senator Andrew Struckmann ’21

Sophomore Senator Kaitlyn Steinhiser ’21

First-Year Senator Allison Pariso ’22

First-Year Senator Jolie Foor ’22

First-Year Senator Ben Jacobs ’22

First-Year Senator Meghan O’Brien ’22

At-Large Senator Dylan Ogle ’20

At-Large Senator Lily Warren ’21

At-Large Senator Mac Magiera ’22

At-Large Senator Joe North ’20

At-Large Senator Kurt Monahan ’20

Minority Senator Gregory Macyszak ’19

Minority Senator Emily Flores ’20

Minority Senator Liam Bodlak ’20

Minority Senator Destiny Pimental ’19

Minority Senator Nicholas Hollis ’19

International Senator Abraham Cervantes ’19

BP003-FA18: Proposal Calling for Enumerated Duties and Increasing Stipend of Committee on Media Chair

BP004-FA18: Proposal Calling for Replacement of Student Liaison Program with a Student Senate Guidebook

BP005-SP19: Proposal Calling for Student Senate Reapportionment

BP006-SP19: Resolution Reallocating Seats in the Student Senate General Assembly

BP007-SP19: Proposal Calling for a Student Senate Diversity and Inclusion Committee

SR002-FA18: Constitutional Amendment Clarifying the Definition of Conflict of Interest

SR003-FA18: Resolution Calling for Action Regarding Safety on Campus

SR004-FA18: Resolution Calling for Reinstitution of Campus Trash Cans