Valparaiso University Student Senate is the campus legislative and advisory body that gives the students a voice on campus issues through representatives they elect. It is comprised of a seven-member executive board and 27 student senators who represent various constituencies around campus.

Student Senate meets to discuss issues affecting all facets of campus life. It recognizes and allocates funds to student organizations, brings student concerns to the attention of the administration, and takes action to resolve these concerns. The Senate also has several committees which address issues in specific areas, such as residence hall life, media organizations, and intercultural affairs.

Many students from a variety of majors find their experience with Student Senate to be a great developmental opportunity that gives them firsthand experience with organization management. Senators are able to work on a range of projects that are related to their own interests or concerns for campus. The opportunities available through Student Senate and the more than 100 organizations we support provide enriching experiences that bring learning outside of the classroom into real-world situations.

Employers consistently comment on the high amount of responsibility and experience Student Senators are provided. Valpo gives students a great amount of influence on how the University is run. Senate is responsible for supporting more than 100 student organizations, managing the student activities fees budget totaling more than $600,000.00, and representing the needs of students across campus.

Here are some of the different positions and constituencies.


The president acts as an executive and advisory power to the Student Senate. They are the face of senate and have various student relation responsibilities

Vice President

The vice president calls all general assemblies, organizes agendas for senate, and also acts as an advisor to the senate.

Executive and Assistant Treasurer

The Executive and Assistant treasurer keep a record of all expenditures made by the Student Senate


The parliamentarian moderates meetings to assure they follow proper procedure. Must have a working knowledge of Roger’s Rules of Order


The Executive Secretary must accurately record meeting minutes and motions. They must assure these are distributed to all senators and the webmaster to be viewed on the website by the whole student body.

Public Relations Coordinator

The Public Relations Coordinator acts as a liaison between the Student Senate and the Student Body. They keep the student body informed with what is going on in Senate and also keep the website and social media accounts up to date


Senators represent their constituencies, assuring that the voices of their constituency are represented well in the senate. For example, a First-Year Senator represents first-year students.

    Senior Senator (4)
    Junior Senator (4)
    Sophomore Senator (4)
    First-Year Senator (4)
    College Senator (5)
    At-Large Senator (6)