About the Department

Discover the world of psychology in a caring community

Valparaiso University’s psychology department offers students a comprehensive overview of a scientific discipline that takes every aspect of human thought, emotion, and behavior as its subject matter. The diverse research interests of faculty ensure students can be introduced to the major branches of the discipline. In a department that values personal connections, students engage with professors to discover how the study of psychology can illuminate their interests and vocational goals.

Research and Practice

With a faculty that includes both experimental scientists and clinical practitioners, Valpo psychology students learn about and engage in experimental, clinical, and applied branches of the discipline. Whether interested in the genesis of deviant behavior, challenges to cross-cultural understanding, or the best way to help a traumatized child, students will find a vibrant outlet for inquiries in the psychology department. The department prepares students for careers in the academic world, in counseling and health care, and in a variety of other fields.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

Psychology students at Valpo have multiple opportunities to learn outside the classroom. The dedicated teaching faculty welcome student involvement in research. Additionally, field placements encourage students to work with people in the surrounding community.

Research opportunities abound. Fully equipped laboratories are available to undergraduates and faculty-supervised research often results in co-authorship with faculty members – a real resumé enhancement.

Clinical internships and other practical experiences take students to a variety of agencies and businesses throughout Northwest Indiana.

Science with a Conscience

The department’s strong scientific orientation is matched by its commitment to the ethical and moral values of Valpo’s Lutheran tradition. We value the spiritual lives of the students and their ambition to serve their communities.