Undergraduate Degree Programs

Valpo’s psychology department offers a number of degree programs tailored to fit individual needs. Each degree program introduces students to statistical and experimental methods, along with the major branches of the discipline. Hands-on research experience is required of every major; courses with laboratory components, research assistantships, and independent research projects are all available.

Majors in Psychology

This degree offers a broad background in psychology to students pursuing a second major or minor in any discipline, including arts, humanities, and social sciences. It requires 27 credit hours of coursework. Degree Requirements»

This degree, designed for students who pursue a second major in a scientific discipline (qualifying disciplines include astronomy, biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, geography, mathematics, meteorology, and physics), is a popular choice among students who plan to pursue careers in the health professions.  Degree Requirements»

This degree option, often chosen by students who plan to pursue graduate study or careers in psychology, offers rigorous training and provides a solid background in the major areas of the discipline. It does not require the student to have any minor or second major. Degree Requirements »