Experiential Learning

Valpo psychology graduates cite the department’s hands-on approach to learning as a critical factor in their success.

Mastering the Tools

All Valpo psychology majors have ample opportunity to develop and apply the skills taught by the curriculum — beginning in the classroom. Coursework often includes:

  • laboratory component that allows students to practice experimental methods with plenty of support from experienced researchers, and/or
  • an experiential component that introduces students to the environments and methods where psychologists and other mental health professionals practice, as well as the communities they serve.

Expanding Human Knowledge

The opportunity to participate in meaningful research that contributes to the world’s store of knowledge about human thought and behavior is one of the most exciting things about Valpo’s psychology program. Students can practice their skills by serving as research assistants to Valpo’s psychology faculty, and exceptional students can choose to frame their own research questions and design their own studies.
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Learning in the Community

The desire to help others is a primary motivating factor for many psychology majors, and the department offers multiple opportunities to learn practical skills while serving community members in Northwest Indiana. Local agencies and the people they serve benefit from Valpo students’ work at field placements, internships, and other programs. Valpo students gain valuable experience that is impressive to employers in many fields.

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