[cws_carousel pause=”hover” interval=”5000″ indicator=”false” control=”true”][cws_carousel_item][cws_callout color=”green” link=”” img=”” heading=”Engaged Students” subheading=”The Confidence to Choose”]Presenting research at a national academic conference introduced Holly Buckman ’14 to a community she wanted to join.[/cws_callout][/cws_carousel_item] [cws_carousel_item][cws_callout color=”yellow” link=”” img=”” heading=”Successful Alumni” subheading=”From Self-Discovery to Serving Others”]At Valpo, Gideon Litherland ’12 learned to understand himself in the context of a community. That led to a life’s work.[/cws_callout] [/cws_carousel_item] [cws_carousel_item][cws_callout color=”green” link=”” img=”” heading=”Engaged Students” subheading=”Finding the Right Path”]For Max Paul ’14, the path to a fulfilling career wasn’t obvious, but his Valpo professors helped him chart a course that played to his interests and strengths.[/cws_callout][/cws_carousel_item] [/cws_carousel]

Hanging Out with the VU Psych Club – Spring 2023