The Staff Employee Advocacy Council has made available mini-grants to supplement the registration costs of professional conferences, workshops, webinars, online courses, and other opportunities for staff development. The Council encourages the professional development of all staff employees and aims to provide these mini-grants so that more staff employees can regularly pursue professional development opportunities. Please note: Mini-grant funds can only be applied to registration and course fees and will not cover membership fees, travel, lodging, or food expenses.

In reviewing applications and determining awards, the Council will consider the purpose of the staff development opportunity:

  • Presentation or attendance at a professional conference or workshop
  • Presentation or participation in a professional webinar or other similar opportunity

Other items of consideration include:

  • The degree to which the opportunity is directly connected with the applicant’s current work responsibilities, as well as its potential to impact future duties.
  • If unit- or department-level support is available to the applicant for this specific opportunity.


All benefits-eligible staff members are encouraged to apply. Priority will be given to staff members who have worked at the University for a minimum of two years, but all staff are encouraged to apply.


All application materials should be submitted using the online submission form.

To request an alternate means of applying, a staff member may contact SEAC at SEAC.Grants@valpo.edu. If selected to receive a mini-grant, the employee will be notified via email within approximately four weeks of the application submission. Within one week after receiving notification, the recipient will provide the registration receipt so that the reimbursement can be processed. Other details on the process for reimbursement will be communicated upon notification.


For fiscal year 2023-2024, staff development mini-grants are available in the maximum amount of $250 per grant. The mini-grants are meant to provide full or supplemental support for registration or course fees. The mini-grant will be awarded as a reimbursement.

Grant award amount will be determined by:

  • Registration or course fee(s) amount
  • Degree to which the opportunity is directly connected with the applicant’s current work responsibilities as well as its potential to impact future duties at Valparaiso University