Staff Employee Advocacy Council

Mission & Bylaws

Our Mission:

The Staff Employee Advocacy Council (SEAC) serves as an advocate dedicated to the enhancement of the work environment and professional development of its constituents — hourly and salaried staff employees — to enable, motivate, and support the pursuit of individual growth and goals of excellence in their efforts to advance the mission of the University. We serve as an advisory council for our constituents’ concerns to the University administration.

Our Purpose:

The purpose of this council is to provide a forum for discussing matters of the importance to staff employees. This council identifies and discusses issues affecting employment, operations, and the University community as a whole, and where appropriate makes recommendations to University leadership on these subjects. This council facilitates informational sessions to educate staff employees on a variety of topics relative to policy, procedure, and available resources. This council also holds events to enrich and support the University community experience.

In accordance with procedures outlined in the Staff Employee Handbook, members of this council are to serve as representatives on the Human Resource Services Committee as needed. Members of this council also participate in the internal governance of the University through the University Council and other committees as necessary.