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Beacons lead by example

Beacons lead by example. Our graduates are sought after for their knowledge, character, integrity, and wisdom. That translates into thoughtful, compassionate, and ethical leaders ready to take on the challenges of a complex global world.

Lead Initiatives

  • We are Valpo — Embody Leadership in Action by enlivening leadership as part of Valpo’s brand identity and intentionally incorporating leadership and service throughout the curriculum and co-curriculum.
  • Leaders in Athletics Assess and implement board-approved changes to the mix of athletic programs that will positively impact the University.

Lead Initiative Overview

Year 1 Progress

In Progress

We are Valpo — Leadership in Action

Enlivening Leadership as part of Valpo’s brand identity

Year One:
Take steps toward earning the Carnegie Leadership classification. Begin to envision the content of a student’s leadership portfolio, and the process for tracking it.

Success (3–5 years):
Be identified as an inaugural recipient of the Carnegie classification and demonstrate Valparaiso University’s strength in this domain. Demonstrated student leadership outcomes. Leadership is a core part of our identity and how we talk about ourselves.

Executive Sponsor: Brian Beckstrom
Owner: Michael Chikeleze and Carrie Whittier