Entrance-Torch HERO

Lead Year 2


Beacons lead by example

Beacons lead by example. Our graduates are sought after for their knowledge, character, integrity, and wisdom. That translates into thoughtful, compassionate, and ethical leaders ready to take on the challenges of a complex global world.

Lead Initiative Overview

Building to Our Future

Introduce new academic, resident hall space, and athletic facilities at our university which would bring a host of exciting benefits to our campus community. These state-of-the-art academic spaces will foster a dynamic learning environment, equipped with cutting-edge technology and collaborative areas that inspire innovation and academic excellence. The remodeled residence halls provide comfortable and inviting living spaces, creating a vibrant campus life and enhancing students’ overall well-being. Additionally, a new athletic facility would offer world-class training spaces and venues that empower our athletes to excel and showcase their talents. These facilities not only elevate the quality of education and living experience for our students but also contribute to the sense of pride and unity within our university community, positioning us as a beacon of academic and athletic achievement.

Success in 2023-2024:
Be in a position this year to have commitment from the Board of Directors to move forward with a fundraising plan for the CONHP building and the athletic arena project. Acquire funding for the residence hall renovation project. Begin a fundraising plan for the CONHP building and athletic arena project. Begin design and ultimately construction on the residence hall renovation project.

Success (3–5 years):
Complete residence hall construction, near completion of a new CONHP building, and be nearing ground breaking on a new athletics facility.

Executive Sponsor: Jose Padilla
Owner: Jason Kutch

We Are Valpo – Brand Identity

Create a community commitment to promoting the Valpo brand through development of faculty and staff as true brand ambassadors committed to telling our story to the world.

Success in 2023-2024:
A formal brand training program ready for presentation to campus departments and constituencies by September 1 of 2024-2025 academic year.

Success (3–5 years):
All departments of the campus are using the brand identity as expected in print, online, in their offices, and on merchandising items.

Executive Sponsor: Jill Schur
Owner: Brian Beckstrom, Kristen Knoerzer, Steve Janowiak

Previously Tracked Initiatives

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