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Serve Year 2


Service is at the center of what we do.

We prepare students for lives of service — lives shaped by a sense of calling, equipped for thoughtful reflection, engaged in the larger world and responsive to its deepest challenges. As Beacons, we live out our service-mindedness in our daily commitment to inclusion, justice, diversity, and equity on our campus and in the community.

Serve Initiative Overview

In Progress

Many Ways to Be Valpo – Equity and Belonging

To foster a culture of individual responsibility and drive organizational change across our institution’s culture, systems, and processes. Our primary focus is on addressing equity gaps and promoting inclusive excellence.

Success in 2023-2024:
Facilitate meaningful discussions on our Mission and Values while emphasizing the importance of Achieving Equity and Excellence in tandem will illuminate equity gaps that challenge Valpo’s advancing academic excellence. Additionally, we will explore Inclusive Excellence as a guiding framework to help Valpo close these gaps and work to actively integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion topics into our academic curriculum.

Success (3–5 years)
Welcoming and Belonging will be infused across campus, drawing together the work of the Action Agenda and its new incarnation, rethinking our spaces, processes, and curriculum to attend to welcoming all into the Valpo experience. All facets of life on campus will connect with this message and our structures will also reflect it.

Executive Sponsor: Angela Vidal
Owner: Carlos Miguel-Puyeo and Rachael Muszkiewicz

In Progress

Valpo Education in the World

Create an innovative framework for courses and programs to compete domestically and internationally, specifically in the online/hybrid space, while also exploring alternative credentialing and certification options.

Success in 2023-2024:
Provide marketable and relevant online/hybrid experiences domestically and internationally, positioning Valpo as a unique and competitive option for students of all backgrounds.

Success (3–5 years)
New international and domestic partnerships and a substantial increase in Quality Matters Certified courses and programs.

Executive Sponsor: Eric Johnson
Owner: Ed Finn, Bharath Ganesh-Babu, and Sanjay Kumar

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