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Learn Year 2


Learning Experience

Valpo creates an unparalleled learning experience for students that is nationally recognized for its excellent teaching, experiential learning, and demonstrated career outcomes.

Learn Initiative Overview

In Progress

Valpo Connect

Creating a thriving, dynamic collaboration center and think tank for all majors on campus that draws disciplines together into cutting-edge new programs and degree paths that will make our students stand out above graduates elsewhere

Success in 2023-2024:
Develop the Cohort Model of Student Learning around a second theme; develop a vision for interdisciplinary teaching and research on campus

Success (3–5 years)
Build out the cohort model to include at least one other track on another topic (e.g., global justice); Incentivize colleges to develop programs nimbly that respond to changing needs of the disciplines and marketplace; Make Valpo a destination for igniting students’ passions and finding the right major for them (programs for exploratory/undecided students)

Executive Sponsor: Kevin Goebbert
Owner: Joseph Bognar and Pete Johnson

In Progress

Reimagined Education

Shaping the Valpo Student Experience for the needs of today and tomorrow.

Success in 2023-2024:
Team A: Secure approval of a re-imagined first-year experience, also through this lens. Team B: Develop and secure governance approval of new general education learning outcomes tied to the integration of leadership and service that are assessable.

Success (3–5 years):
Create a first-year experience that is exciting for students and energizing for faculty to teach in ways that enhance belonging and retention; reimagine the general education curricula through an intentional focus on equipping students to learn, serve, lead, and thrive throughout their lives.

Executive Sponsor: Team A: Lissa Yogan and Team B: Bagel Johnson
Owner: Team A: Lisa Jennings, Carter Hansen, Michael Chikeleze Team B: Bonnie Dahlke Goebbert, Reva Johnson, Sam Graber

In Progress

Strengthen and Amplify the Arts and Humanities

Strengthening Music, the Arts, and Humanities to be a force multiplier in their own right, with robust majors and programs

Success in 2023-2024:
Establish a task force of innovative faculty and staff to work quickly to develop strategies for building a collective identity for the various arts and humanities units

Success (3–5 years)
Ensure that there is a clear and central place for the humanities and arts in context of all of our programs

Executive Sponsor: Jeni Prough
Owner: Stacy Hoult