Graduate Writing Consultants

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Colleen Morrissey

Colleen Morrissey is a University Writing Program Associate who specializes in critical and creative writing. She holds a Ph.D. from the Ohio State University, and her research and writing explores literature and culture, the novel form, the body, women writers, digital media, and media history. She was awarded an O. Henry Prize and has been a Best American Short Stories Notable,and so she loves helping students synthesize strong research and analysis with creative writing styles.

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Kelley Belanger

Kelly Belanger holds a PhD in composition, rhetoric, and professional writing and enjoys working with writers in a range of disciplines at any point in their writing processes. She has worked extensively with writers in health professions, humanities, and other fields. She can help with using APA, MLA, and Chicago style (and more). The focus of her publications range from approaches to teaching writing, to rhetoric and social movements, to creating effective resumes.

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Jordin is currently an English Studies and Communications MA student with a concentration in 18th C British literature. She received her BA from North Central University in Minneapolis, MN, and Certificate from the University of Northwestern in St. Paul, MN. She participated in Valparaiso University’s 2020 Academic Symposium where she presented research on Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre. She is most familiar with MLA and APA. Jordin has a passion for helping writers revise their thesis, form their main ideas, and overall become the best writers that they can be!