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Colleen Morrissey

Colleen Morrissey is a University Writing Center Coordinator who specializes in critical and creative writing. She holds a Ph.D. from the Ohio State University, and her research and writing explores literature and culture, the novel form, the body, women writers, digital media, and media history. She was awarded an O. Henry Prize and has been a Best American Short Stories Notable,and so she loves helping students synthesize strong research and analysis with creative writing styles.



Cynthia has been with the University since 2009 working as a lecturer in Core and Graduate Studies.  In addition to Core at the undergraduate level, Cynthia has taught Shakespeare, Law and the Humanities and Professional Research and Writing.  Cynthia works as an online tutor at the Writing Center, assisting students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.  Cynthia holds her MALS/JD from Valparaiso University with a concentration in English.  Cynthia enjoys working with students and assisting them in achieving their writing goals.

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Hello! My name is Jessica and I am a senior English Literature major. I am also in Valpo’s Early Entry program so I have begun working on my M.A. in English Literature and Communication this year as well! Personally, I enjoy writing narrative essays, short stories, and creative nonfiction the most. I have experience in many different types of writing such as argumentative essays, research papers, and literary analysis papers. I am most knowledgeable in MLA format but have experience in APA and Chicago as well and would be more than happy to help figure the formatting out with you! I love brainstorming sessions so whether you just got a prompt, are on the final draft, or anywhere in-between feel free to stop in for a visit! I hope to see you soon!



Hi everyone! My name is Veronica, and I’m a senior Creative Writing major with a double minor in Music and Spanish. After my time in Costa Rica last year writing projects in a second language, I’m enthusiastic to work with ESL students who are facing that same challenge in English. I also enjoy working with different kinds of writing at any point in the writing process. Whether you need a second set of eyes to look over your final draft, you have a prompt and want to brainstorm ideas for your thesis statement, you have an idea for a just-for-fun short story to write or other creative projects, you need to organize a cover letter to get that perfect internship, or anything in-between, I can help!. Whatever your own writing project may be, I’m looking forward to working on it with you in the Writing Center soon!