Graduate Writing Consultants

Brooke Regier University Writing Center Coordinator brooke.regier@valpo.edu Brooke Regier teaches Professional Writing at Valpo where she earned her MA in English Studies and Communication. She received her Bachelor’s in Professional Writing from Purdue University Northwest. Brooke has been interested in and passionate about writing center pedagogy since 2018. She looks forward to aiding students as they refine their writing process and work toward a stronger end product.

Sam Burton

Sam B. This is Sam Burton’s 2nd semester as a Writing Center Consultant! Sam is a second semester graduate student in the English Studies and Communication program. He is glad to help with devising solid theses, restructuring argumentative essays, and generally assisting writing center clients to do their best. Besides writing and editing, Sam enjoys playing video games, streaming on Netflix, reading scifi/fantasy books, and hanging out with his friends. Whatever your writing needs, Sam will do his best to help and work with you!

Jonah Elrod

Jonah Elrod My name is Jonah Elrod, I am a Visiting Assistant Professor here at Valpo, and I teach in the music department. I am originally from Phoenix, Arizona, and I enjoy board games, spending time outdoors, and photography. The type of reading I enjoy most is Fantasy/Sci-Fi, and when I am writing, I enjoy essays that analyze and explain pieces of music and how they are organized.

Momin Mirza

Momin Mirza Momin has moved often since his birth of complex ancestry in Connecticut. He enjoys knitting, fixing bikes, and calisthenics. This May, Momin plans to graduate with an MA in English Studies and Communications, with a Certificate in TESOL. Two of Momin’s favorite educational philosophers are Paulo Freire and Herbert Paul Grice.

Maria Mack

Maria Mack Maria is an English Studies and Communication second year graduate student; she is also pursuing a TESOL Certificate. Maria was born and raised in Costa Rica and enjoys gardening, painting, and writing research papers! Maria is happy to help you with any step of your writing process including interpreting a prompt, brainstorming, outlining or polishing a draft.