Graduate Writing Consultants

Colleen Morrissey Headshot

Colleen Morrissey

Colleen Morrissey is a University Writing Center Coordinator who specializes in critical and creative writing. She holds a Ph.D. from the Ohio State University, and her research and writing explores literature and culture, the novel form, the body, women writers, digital media, and media history. She was awarded an O. Henry Prize and has been a Best American Short Stories Notable,and so she loves helping students synthesize strong research and analysis with creative writing styles.

Julie Ault

Julie is a graduate student in the English and Communication Studies program. She enjoys the entire writing process and is happy to work with you on brainstorming, crafting your thesis, organizing, reducing wordiness…whatever you need. 


Brooke is a graduate student in the English Studies and Communication program. She has a degree in English Writing with a concentration in writing for interactive media from Purdue University Northwest. Upon graduating, Brooke plans to teach freshman-level English courses at a university. As a seventh-year college student, she understands all the struggles and anxieties that come wrapped up in the writing process. She is passionate about editing, grammar, flow, and clear communication. She is eager to help you construct a paper that you and your professor will be excited about.


Maddie is a senior English and Political Science double-major with a Business minor. As an English major and Christ College student, they have a lot of experience with various forms of analytical, argumentative, and research-based papers. They have also taken some creative writing courses, so they’d be happy to help in that arena as well. They are proficient in MLA, APA, and Chicago citation styles, so they’d be happy to help with any of those.